JV boys basketball defeats Munster

Hannah Reed and lakecentralnews

On Tuesday, Dec 17, the JV boys basketball team went up against Munster and managed to defeat them 37-25.

“It felt good for our practices to pay off, because we’ve been practicing for a long time [and] waiting on them since last year, so it felt good to get a win,” Amir Ransom (11) said.

Although the boys’ games before this one went smoother, the boys still managed to come out on top.

“We worked hard as a team. We had good teamwork. The atmosphere was just awesome. We didn’t play our best, but we still got the win, so that’s all that matters,” Skyler Smith (10) said.

At halftime the boys went into the locker room to talk about the game while the atmosphere of the crowd escalated.

“At halftime we felt good, we knew we had a lot to do to finish up the game and that’s what we did,” Ransom said.