JV girls basketball continues winning streak


On Friday, Dec. 20, Crystal Guzman (9) plays defensively, as she guards her Crown Point opponent. The girls won 29-17, continuing their perfect record for the season.

On Friday, Dec. 20, the JV girls basketball team took a victory against the Crown Point Bulldogs, with a final score of 29-17.

“We expected to see a good game. Crown Point is a conference team and a rival. We have a lot of skilled players and athletic guards though. We just played very well tonight,” Ricky Gard, JV assistant coach, said.

Before the game, the coaches talked up their opponent to be a challenging team. Despite the scare, the girls still came out on top.

“We played really good lockdown defense. Our offense was weak, but our defense won us the game,” Hannah Sarkey (9) said.

Now that the girls have gone over the mental bump of beating a rival, they can focus on the rest of their season.

“Our goal is to keep winning, keep our streak going, and keep going good as a team. We’re undefeated so far,” Nicole Verdeyen (10) said.

Although winning is a goal in any sport, the coaches are also looking at the bigger picture.

“The girls have been getting better every game, which is the most important thing,” Gard said.