Making a splash in the new pool

Allissa Aardema and lakecentralnews

In December, boys in JV and Varsity swimming had their first swimming practice in the new pool. The pool in the new building has expanded to become a much larger one so that girls and boys swimming may now practice at the same time.

“I think the new pool looks fantastic, definitely rivaling Munster’s. I think I can expect great things from these boys this season, and I look forward to see what they can do,” Coach Jeff Kilinski said.

The new pool was constructed and can be separated into three smaller ones, and is modeled off of Munster High School’s.

“When we would go to Munster’s pool, you could say that we were all a little jealous. Now that we have the new pool, the positions are reversed,” Kilinski said.

The pool isn’t the only thing that has improved. There are new locker rooms, which provide the boys a better place to store their things.

“We all really like the new lockers, they aren’t so rusty and have more room for all of our stuff,” Kyle Massa (10) said.