New equipment in auto shop

Lake Central is the only high school in Indiana with a fully functioning auto shop according to [Mr. Dennis] Brannock. Since the new building has been built, some auto service and technology students are unsure about the new changes thus far, and are learning to adapt to the changes.

“I like the old building better for some reason, probably because I started in there and it feels more ‘home-y’ because it had been in use for so long, and everyone was so familiar with it. The new one is nice and bigger, so that’s a bonus. I also like the nicer lifts and equipment,” Jenna Pfeiffer (10) said.

New advanced auto equipment has positively affected auto students’ education in automotive technology.

“[The technology] has helped a lot with the level of learning and education [Mr. Dennis Brannock, Vocational] can do for his students, and encourage and show the students what is out there and not limit our level of education because we didn’t have certain equipment to learn with,” Pfeiffer said.

This new equipment prepares the students for jobs and for using the equipment in the future.

“As of right now we haven’t been able to use anything because we don’t have all the equipment hooked up yet, but when we do get to use it it’ll really help us get a feel of what working for a real dealership would be like,” Christopher Wagner (12) said.