Freshmen boys basketball team steals victory

On Thursday, Jan. 23, the freshman boys basketball team faced off against the Merrillville Pirates with a victory of 41-23. The boys put in hard work and came out with a winning score.

“We played really good as a team. Everyone was trying their best, so it worked out really well,” Kollin Vos (9) said.

The Indians were ready for their game, which helped them take the victory.

“Our team was very well prepared, and we did what we needed to do to win the game. “ Ben Nisle (9) said.

Coach Brett Summers was pleased with how the boys played .

“We had a very good game. Our defense and transition defense played a lot better today,” Brett Summers said.

Coach Summers also has goals and plans for the rest of the boys’ season.

“We got about ten games left. We finish up with a tournament at Highland, so I’m hoping that we finish up the season with that win,” Summers said.