Winter weather storms AP curriculum

Rachel Gross and lakecentralnews

Advanced Placement classes got off to a rocky start second semester. With four snow days and two two-hour delays, students have spent less time in the classroom, which can potentially cause stress in preparing for May’s exam.

“[The days off] have affected my AP classes, absolutely. I’m just trying to make sure that I am covering all of the units that I need to cover. I’m making sure that I don’t miss out on anything because if a question comes up on AP test, I have to make sure I cover it,” Mrs. Amanda Schuyler, Social Studies, said.

Teachers have lost days to teach lessons in their AP classes. This loss is harmful because the AP exam in May will keep the assigned testing date, leaving no time for teachers to get caught up.

“[The snow days] have definitely increased the pace in all of my already fast-moving AP classes. Teachers have repeated the fact that the test dates will not be moved back multiple times, and while it increases the students’ workload a lot, I think the teachers have it worse because they have to rearrange their schedules,” Reilly Cosgrove (12) said.

Students have been missing out on some activities scheduled by their AP teachers because of the lost days. Class agendas have changed and teachers are finding difficulty in making sure that their classes are carrying out everything they have to offer.

“I’m just trying to see what I can cut out and that stinks because I like to do fun, hands-on activities. It’s really hard to cut things out and only do notes and tests,” Mrs. Schuyler said.