New school, new tools

Jillian Wilschke and Jillian Wilschke

When the doors of the new West Wing opened, students and staff were invited to explore and take in their new stomping grounds. Many students and staff members’ eyes were drawn to the brand new, flat screen televisions that adorned the walls of the new part of the building known as the “Wedge”.

“Two were donated and four were part of the construction expense,” Mr. Robin Tobias, Principal, said.

The total of six televisions turned on Thursday, Jan. 30.

“We just have our logo on there to see how they work and to dress them up,” Mr. Tobias said.

While the screens currently display Lake Central’s logo, it will not be long before the televisions work as a source of news for students and staff.

“Once we actually figure out how it works, we will start putting information through there and designate people who will be in charge of those televisions. Then we will be able to put a lot of eye candy up there,” Mr. Tobias said.

The televisions will display a range of information– from a loop of the video announcements to a PowerPoint of daily announcements, there will be lots of news displayed on these screens. Also, there is interest in dedicating a television screen to pictures of clubs, athletics and academics happening at LC.

“Hopefully we will designate one for guidance because they have got a lot of information on scholarships and other application issues for colleges that students have to be aware of and that will be a good center place to do that as well,” Mr. Tobias said.

Soon, students and staff will be able to enjoy yet another perk of having a brand new school.

“The sky’s the limit on what information we can put up there,” Mr. Tobias said.