Frozen at Formal

Sophie Sablich and lakecentralnews

This year’s winter formal theme, Frozen in Time, fit well with the numbing weather. The polar vortex may have had school cancelled that Monday and Tuesday, but no amount of snow and ice could stop students from dancing at the Halls of St. George that Saturday, Jan. 25.

Lake Central’s formal is similar to other school’s turnabout, where the girls ask the boys to the dance. But going with groups of friends isn’t uncommon either, which is what Ashley Kropp (12) and her girl friends did.

“For Formal I feel like there’s less pressure on finding a date. I’m glad I went with my best friends for my senior year,” Kropp said.

Paul Segal and 219 Productions were the disc jockeys and entertainment for the night, throwing the crowd socks, glow-up sticks and beach balls.

“The DJ was fun and got the crowd involved, but I wish he played songs longer and didn’t switch into a new remixed song so quickly,” Nicole Stegenga (12) said.

In the middle of the night, formal court winners were announced, revealing John Gbur (12) and Brooke Lambert (12) as the king and queen.

“It was cool being able to represent my school that way and it was an awesome experience being a senior,” Lambert said.

No matter what crazy weather the region throws at us, Lake Central will always boogie down in the 5-degree vortex.