Super Bowl extravaganza

Stephanie Torres and Jamie Zega

While ending the cold week, Mrs. Debbie Stack’s, West Lake, 2nd period class celebrated this year’s Super Bowl by throwing their own Super bowl party. Students and teachers brought in food of their own to share and enjoy.

“Usually we bring food during the holidays, but this is the first [Super Bowl] party that I attended in this class,” Danielle Smolen (12) said.

The peer mentors sat and talked with the West Lake students about what their plans are for the Sunday game. Although half the students normally don’t watch the Sunday football games, they still enjoyed celebrating and preparing for this exhilarating time.

“I don’t usually watch the games unless I’m at home with my neighbors, but preparing for the big game is always a fun time,” Alyssa Gonzales (12) said.

The peer mentors enjoy working with the students and learning new ways how to work with them. Although it may be hard at first, they begin to understand the students.

“The kids are my favorite part of the whole class, I love working with them and learning about new stuff,” Smolen said.