Never buying it

Victoria Brazzale and lakecentralnews

In today’s world it is all about shocking people. What can you do to make someone’s jaw hit the floor? That concept has pooled over into advertising and media outlets in general over the past decade or so. And nothing quite captures the shock value quite like something borderline, uncomfortably inappropriate. After all, “sex sells.”

However, it has gotten to a point where some of it is just offensive, and The Representation Project has had enough of it.

The activist group, which supports the eradication of sexism specifically in media, has made many progressive steps in the feminist movement. The most recent target: the Super Bowl.

There is a smartphone app called, “Not Buying It” which allows users to call out sexist advertisement. During the Super Bowl, which gains a large part of its audience through commercials, has been known to air a few questionable ones, and the organization is pushing for viewers to voice their opinions on the sexist themes often portrayed.

It is a forum for people to let their discrepancies be heard by the people who make the ads. The app tracks what areas of the country are most active and which media is most inapropriate.

It is one thing to show a little skin, and another thing entirely to fall into sexist stereotypes. Especially in media outlets that are viewed by millions of young people. It is time to call it quits because, frankly, I am not buying it.


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