Catching careers

Darian Smith and lakecentralnews

Feb. 3 marked the start of a career fair hosted by the Hammond Area Career Center, ACC. The event took place in the Town Square of Lake Central during all lunches, which gave students the opportunity to talk with instructors about possible future interests. A variety of career options are offered throughout the program.

“We do all kinds of stuff. We are also connected with Vincennes University; so you can get six college credits per year with us for free. So if you do two years with us, you walk out of here with 12 college credits,” Lt. Tom Fulk, criminal justice instructor, said.

Criminal Justice isn’t the only program at the Career Center that offers college credits for the years in the class.

“For the Early Childhood program; the first year you can get nine college credits and then the second year you get three more plus a [Child Development Associate] credential. They actually go out in the field and work with children. [First year goes out 2 days a week, second year goes out 4 days a week].” Wendy Akers, Early Childhood instructor said.

The Area Career Center is useful to students who plan to make a career out of the program they have enrolled in or something similarly related.

“I took [Early Childhood] because I love children and someday I want to open up my own daycare so I thought that this class would help me,” Kelsey Palaggi (11) said.

For those students who are unsure of a career choice, they are still welcome to join a program that interests them.

“What’s good about us; you come to us and maybe you thought you wanted to do this and then after you took the class you say ‘ehh it’s not really my thing.’ That’s perfect because now you didn’t spend a bunch of money and time in college,” Fulk said.

All programs which are listed on the ACC website are open to juniors and seniors.