The elastic 11

Kristen Copple and lakecentralnews

The 11 tumblers on the gymnastics team traveled to Michigan City on Feb. 3 to face the Wolves. The girls lost the meet 105-98, but they did not lose their drive.

Coach Myra Lolkema sees the loss as an opportunity for the girls to enhance and refine their gymnastic skills for the next competition.

“We did alright. [The Michigan City meet] wasn’t our best, but it shows us our strengths and weaknesses. It gave us a guide for Lowell,” Lolkema said.

Lolkema has been working with the girls five days a week during practices in order to hone their competitive skills.

“We’ve been doing pretty well now,” Lolkema said, “[Over the season] we’ve made new skills and are improving. We tend to hit a wall and get in rut every once in a while, but we continue to improve and refocus.”

In order to be successful, determined, steadfast and consistent, gymnasts must have inspiration.

“What inspires me the most are my teammates. They are always cheering me on. When the music first plays and I hear all of them cheering, I know I can do it,” Alyssa Alfano (11) said.