Centralettes host kids camp


Daniella Dombovic (12) and Genevieve Blessing (12) teach the dance to the girls in grades K-3 grade. The girls danced to “Hey Mickey” and had fun while learning about how to use technique.

Kristina Plaskett and lakecentralnews

On Sunday, Feb. 9, the Centralettes hosted a kids camp at M2 dance center for kids in grades kindergarten to eight. At the camp Centralettes taught the girls a dance and tried to help educate the upcoming generation of dancers.

“I like the fact that we get to teach some of the little girls what we do and they get to dance with us on Saturday [the day of the competition],” Daniella Dombovic (12) said.

There were two dances that the Centralettes made up and taught to the girls. The girls K-3 grade danced to “Hey Mickey”, and the girls 4-6 grade danced to “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody.”

“[The best part was] seeing all the girls excited to dance with the older girls and helping them with their technique and improve,” Alexis Curatolo (9) said.

The Centralettes enjoy helping out the little kids and seeing the smiles on their faces while learning the dance.

“I really enjoy doing it, it makes me happy to see younger kids getting interested in dance at such an early age. Just seeing all of the little girls look up to us was really cool,” Genevieve Blessing (12) said.

Even though the dancers were tired from competing the day before, the Centralettes gave all their undivided attention to making sure the girls were having fun.

“I was tired, but I enjoyed it because I got to interact with all the little girls and some have never danced before so they were really excited to learn [the dance],” Autumn Napiwocki (9) said.

The Centralette camp ran smoothly and the girls will be performing the dance they learned at the Lake Central Dance Invitational.