Love is in the air, or is it?

Hannah Bryner and Hannah Bryner

Each year when Feb. 14 comes around, love fills the air. Flower shops put their red roses on display and drug stores move their card section toward the registers. Valentine’s Day has arrived, and almost everyone is filled with either joy or annoyance.

“I think it is personally bad for both types of people, people in relationships and people who are single. For single people the day is a disappointing reminder that they don’t have that ‘special someone’ in their life. But I think it’s worse for people in a relationship. Single people can choose to ignore Valentine’s Day. However, if you’re in a relationship, the last thing you want to do is ignore Valentine’s Day,” Joseph Jansky (11) said.

Valentine’s Day is the day when most teenage girls dream about their knight in shining armour showing up at their front step with a bouquet of flowers and heart-shaped chocolates. And then there are those teenagers who laugh at just another day of another month that has been blown out of proportion.

“I think it’s a Hallmark over-materialized holiday. You should show the people you care about that you love them every day. I think the chocolates and flowers are overpriced and go on sale the next day. You might as well show the love then without wasting money,” Angelina Kapetanov (11) said.

I say let the people choose what they want to do. If people want to mourn on Valentine’s Day, then let them. If people want to brag about their relationships, then let them. Valentine’s Day has become a day where people are allowed to brag and it’s okay.

“My issue is not with being romantic or expressing your feelings to the person you love. My issue is being required to do so on February 14. This date has zero connection to us. Each year on February 14 we are in essence commanded to be ‘romantic’. It is insulting to what is a religious holiday, and it is blown up by the media and companies just so they can personally gain out of exploiting it,” Jansky said.

Valentine’s Day is a nice day to show someone extra love, but I do not think February 14 is the only day. I think that if you love someone, you should remind them every day.