A fight for victory


Cory Dickelman (12) prepares to throw a free throw for the Indians. Dickelman has been playing basketball for Lake Central since his freshmen year.

Sydney Thompson and lakecentralnews

On Feb. 13, seas of blue made their way and filled the bleachers of the Lake Central gym. It was the royal blue Indians versus the midnight blue Wolves. Lake Central battled and defeated Michigan City with a final score of 70-52.

“We stayed focused throughout the game and worked as a team the whole time. We came out of the locker room really strong and worked hard,” Cory Dickelman (12) said.

Apparently blue isn’t the calmest of colors, proven when parts of the game seemed to turn into scenes from West Side Story. Conflicts between players, coaches and referees lasted throughout the game.

“”[The fighting] kind of motivated us to play harder. I think they were just instigating fighting on the court to get in our heads and get us in foul trouble. We just had to stick to our game plan. We disregarded all the conflict and came out on top,” Matthew Meneghetti (12) said.

The whole first part of the game was back and forth score wise until the Indians took off with the lead in the second half. The leading scorers for LC were Tyler Wideman (12) and Tye Wilburn (12) with 17 points each.

“I didn’t know I was going to be a leading scorer at the end of the game. Next we have to prepare for Sectionals. We find out who we draw for the first game on Sunday, and then we are just going to try to break that team and what they do down bit by bit”, Wilburn said.

Varsity boys basketball plays Crown Point on Feb. 21 at Crown Point and will begin Sectionals on March 4.