Roper Cup champs

Victoria Brazzale and lakecentralnews

The Lake Central/Munster rivalry is one that spans over several sports and has been cultivated for many years. The next chapter took place Sunday, Feb. 16 at Midwest Training and Ice Center.

The hockey team took on the Mustangs in the Roper Cup Championships. The uneventful first period wound down without a goal but things quickly picked up.

Lake Central scored seven unanswered goals. Goal scorers included Evan Bukowski (12), Quinton Oster (12), Daniel Mikrut (12), Jacob Vervlied (11, and Aaron Ludwig (11). Luke Glover (12) netted two in the win.

“We do not do it for points we do it for opportunities,” Mikrut said.

During the game, Aidan Wilkinson (12) was recognized among all other players in the league

“I got the Bruce Hamilton scholarship. It is a $500 scholarship to whatever college I choose,” Wilkinson said.

The team was quick to throw support at teammates in celebration of the win.

“Ryan Ryba is going to the show. He is going to the NHL,” Bukowski said.