Raise to shave

Christi Raichle and lakecentralnews

On Mar. 17 during 3rd hour Matrix, Alayna Prisby (11) will say her final goodbyes to her luscious locks. Prisby, along with other students, will participate in St. Baldrick’s by shaving her head.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. My aunt was diagnosed with brain cancer a little while ago, so thinking of a child going through what my family went through really pushed me to do it,” Prisby said.

Prisby has collected over $1500 and continues to collect more. Her goal is currently $2000.

“I have those days where I have doubts, and I’m like, ‘Why am I doing this?’ and then I look in the mirror and picture myself bald and I’m like what’s the point. I remind myself that I have a three-year-old brother and a five-year-old godson and I think it could be them. I would want to support them,” Prisby said.

St. Baldricks is a non-profit, volunteer-driven charity that supports funding for childhood cancer. The foundation has been around since 2000 and continues to fund childhood cancer research.

“I know I’m gonna cry a lot [after I shave my head]. [Richanne Matthews (‘13)] did it [two years ago] and wore wigs a lot, but I feel like why wear the wig? You’re shaving your head to show. So, I don’t think I’m gonna wear a wig. I might wear some hats because I get cold really easily but I don’t want to wear wigs,” Prisby said.

To donate to Prisby, go follow this link, or go to the St. Baldrick’s website and search Alayna Prisby.