LC Football Wins Overtime Thriller


Meg Falat and lakecentralnews

You could feel the tension in the air from the bleachers on either side of the field. The LC student section had never been bigger for an away game.

“[The student section] was the loudest I’ve ever heard for a football game,” James McNamara (12) said. “I was shocked that so many people showed up. The more the better.”

The football team was more pumped than ever for the game. And it showed. Within the first half, Dylan Morang (12), Ike Spearman (12) and Chase Fieldhouse (12) all scored, putting the Indians ahead of the Munster Mustangs 21-7.

“[The fans] got me pumped up. Our crowd finally came this year. We finally have school spirit,” Peter Doukas (12) said.

But Munster was not ready to give up. Nicholas Brajak (Munster 12) tied the game with only 44 seconds left. The Mustangs were putting all of their long, hard hours of practice onto the field, too. The Indians knew they had to step up their game, and they did just that. Drew Hollingsworth (12) scored in overtime, and Dieter Schultz (12) secured the seven point lead by making the extra point.

Now the ball was in Munster’s possession, but the Indians did not let their goal get to their heads. The Indians knew if the Mustangs scored it would mean trouble. Morang intercepted the Mustangs goal to win the game for the Indians 28-21.

“I had mixed emotions [after the game.] I was happy with the win, but it opened our eyes knowing that we have a lot to work on,” Fieldhouse said.