Guest speaker helps budget personal finance classes


The class listens as Mrs. White explains how to manage their budget for the quiz. Only three students were left in the negatives after the game.

Noelle McBride and Noelle McBride

Mrs. Rose Sgamberlluri, Business, had a guest speaker, Davita White, from Everest College come talk to her 1st through 3rd period classes on Tuesday, Feb. 18 about how students can budget money in the future.

“The guest speaker talks to the kids about financial decisions and the ramifications of those,” Mrs. Sgambelluri said.

After a brief introduction of why she was speaking, White handed out iPads so the class could participate in an interactive quiz.

“The overall message for this particular [quiz] is just really learning how to budget their own money and learning how important budgeting really is,” White said.

For the quiz, students had to decide whether they wanted to save their money or splurge on material items. In the end there were only three students who ended up in the negatives at the end of the quiz and two students who had over $1,000 left in their pretend budget.

“The quiz explained budgeting in a new way,” Matthew Martinez (11) said.

This was not White’s first time visiting Lake Central. Every year she speaks to the classes about how to save their money and hopes to influence students to make better budgeting decisions in the future.

“I hope I affected them positively. A lot of times this particular workshop brings some reality to students. Whether good or bad, at least they are able to see what kinds of things they need to prepare themselves to be successful,” White said.