Junior class cabinet discusses Prom


Morgan Kelly (11), Jennifer Lindholm (11) and Marissa Grantham (11) search for party favors. The Junior Class Cabinet met on Wednesday, Feb. 19.

Megan Barenie and lakecentralnews

The Junior Class Cabinet met in Mrs. Joan Loden’s, Math, classroom. The club met to discuss Prom, which is scheduled to take place on Saturday, May 3.

“Today we met to pick out party favors for Prom, and we were discussing the food choices. Also, we are waiting for the balloon lady to come show us some examples,” Morgan Kelly (11) said.

The club meets a few times a month on Wednesdays after school. At the meetings members discuss Prom themes as well as possible decorations. During the last meeting the club chose a photographer as well as a final dance theme.

“I am most excited for how the decorations will turn out and how everyone reacts to the theme we chose for this year. The theme this year is ‘Night in Paris,’” Kelly said.

The club will meet again next Wednesday, Feb. 26, to discuss what type of balloon decorations and colors will be used.

“I’m excited to be involved in decorating prom and picking out all the little details that will make the night a night to remember,” Tiffany Polyak (11) said.