Science Saturday

Darian Smith and lakecentralnews

While the snow was falling outside, Lake Central began their science fair. Saturday, Feb. 8 began a Science Fair inside the school’s cafeteria. Participants included 4th through 12th graders.

“There are one or two high schoolers [participating in this event] but mostly little kids. [The Science Fair] is for fun. Some may have showed [their projects] to their class and got extra credit. It depends on the teacher,” Ellen O’Rourke, committee member for Lake Central Science Fair, said.

Some students had the hopes of moving on to a higher level in the science fair, while others simply wanted extra credit. Kaylyn Risse (12) was one who had hopes of making it all the way.

“I grew up a Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm and I treated it with enzymes to see if antibiotics could penetrate through the biofilm. I started my research in June and I’m still working. The ultimate goal for this project hasn’t been determined yet, so for Regionals I’m hoping to get that done. [Lake Central Science Fair] is the starting place then it goes to Regionals, then State, and then the Internationals,” Risse said.

In the end, all the students who participated gathered around Town Square, patiently waiting to see if their names would be called for an award.

“They have awards for each category; first, second [and] third place for each category and trophy winners.There are 18 [categories]. So there will be a lot of awards,” O’Rourke said.