Science is golden

Science Olympiad breaks record for most golds and fewest points won for a single school

Nathan Bowdish and lakecentralnews

Science Olympiad broke the records for the fewest points and most gold medals won during the Regional competition held at St. Joseph’s College in Rensselaer on Feb. 8. The A and B teams placed both first and second overall.

“The results of the day stunned me because our second team did so well and we changed people around all week because kids couldn’t come for one reason or another. I knew our ‘A’ team was strong, but taking 17 first place medals was very overwhelming and rewarding for as many hours we all put in,” Mrs. Mary Joan Martin, Science, said.

After months of studying and preparation, the team came home with 17 out of 24 possible golds.

“Getting a gold is a huge relief to know that you’re better than everybody else that’s there at the event that you’re doing and all your hard work paid off and wasn’t a waste of time,” Michael Hemmerling (10) said.

Each team is allowed 15 students, seven of which could be seniors. However, Lake Central only has four seniors on its team. Kozel said it is one of the youngest teams they have had.

“The interesting thing about this year is, depending how it goes and depending on how the younger kids do, [we] will be set up for next year as well, which is what I’m also trying to do- to make sure the club stays alive between years and it’s going to be just as strong next year as this year. So we’re definitely a young team,” Brandon Kozel (12), Science Olympiad president, said.

The state competition will be held March 21 and 22 in Bloomington.