Programming a future

Brittany Rabatine and Brittany Rabatine

Today, women in technology are hard to find. The National Center of Women in Technology created the Aspirations Award to promote that particular field, and on Wednesday, Jan. 29, a plaque was granted to Alyssa Portela (12).

“When I applied I wrote about how I’m in AP Computer Science right now and I also compete in programming. Any girl who wants to pursue a technical degree in technology could apply,” Portela said.

The award is to encourage females to join the technology field. The NCWIT is sponsored by colleges all over, for example, Purdue University. Girls who apply receive scholarship opportunities as well as membership to the society, which can prove beneficial for college applications.

“When I applied I went for the programming aspect, but [the award] was open to anything computer related, like web design, graphics, networking, et cetera,” Portela said.

The ceremony was held in Indianapolis at the One America Headquarters, and there were 20 winners from Indiana at the ceremony.

“There are very few women in computer science, so basically it’s to spread the word,” Portela said. “I was one of the winners selected because I’m really interested in computing and I’m currently in AP Computer Science. I compete in Java programming for the Business Professionals of America too.”

The NCWIT annually grants a plaque to each award winner as well as $500, and the group will help with any college questions their members have also. To learn more information or get involved, please visit the NCWIT website