Compete in the Heat


As the sun beat down on the Lake Central tennis courts, the Boys team braced themselves for the challenging match ahead.

“This is definitely the hottest match of the year,” said Chuckie Sayger (12).

On September 1, the Lake Central Boys Tennis team faced Duneland Athletic Conference opponent Crown Point. The boys were looking forward to playing, but they were dreading the heat. It was approximately 95 degrees that day and about 105 degrees on the courts, which were the hottest conditions that the team has endured all season.

“It’s gonna kill us,” Dane Jevtic (9) said.

The heat did not kill the boys, but it did contribute to a tough loss. Crown Point came back this season ready to redeem themselves after LC’s varsity team beat them 5-0 last year. This time, LC fought hard against the heat and the rival team, but Crown Point came out on top. The final score was 1-4 for varsity, and 4-7 for junior varsity.

“Overall, this wasn’t their best match this season. They’ve played a lot better before. The heat was a factor,” Head-Coach Eric Stark said.

The boys are looking forward to a rematch with Crown Point during Sectionals at the end of the season.