Varsity Football defeats Portage Indians


Victoria New and lakecentralnews

Yet another victory for the LC Varsity Football team was accomplished on Friday as they succeeded in a 62-7 win against the Portage Indians. Touchdown after touchdown was accomplished as they fought to the finish.

Chase Fieldhouse (12) started the game out by making a touchdown in the first quarter. In the second quarter the team seemed to be on fire, with touchdowns from David Yancey (11), Riley Arvanitis (11) and Dylan Morang (12). By the third quarter Tyler Szczecina (12) and Drew Hollingsworth (12) made touchdowns and brought the score to the final 62-7.

ā€œIā€™m just happy my team won,ā€ Ike Spearman (12) said.

That is the attitude all the boys seem to have; team effort is what pulls them through. The boys have been off to a good start and will hopefully continue to do so in their game against Crown Point next Friday.