Converse, customized

Joey Pavell and Joey Pavell

When she isn’t busy doing homework for her honors classes or spending time with friends, Joule Tazbir (10) spends her free time in a unique way. Tazbir customizes Converse, along with other shoes, for people around the United States on her Etsy shop.

“I actually started making the shoes because I saw a pair of little girl’s shoes that were blinged out and I wanted a pair, but I couldn’t find any so I just decided to try and make them myself,” Tazbir said.

Tazbir’s shoes range from being blinged out with jewels to simple designs such as being embellished with different types of fabrics. One pair usually sells for around $80.00.

“Even though they’re newer and less popular, I love the white high tops with floral detailing. They’re cheaper and less flashy than the others,” Tazbir said.

Creating a pair of specialized shoes at first was very time consuming for Tazbir, but after making them for a while, the time for constructing the perfect pair has diminished.

“It usually takes around an hour to finish a pair, which is a lot quicker than the four hours it took when I made my first pair,” Tazbir said.

These specially-designed Converse have even been featured on Wanelo, a popular shopping application for smartphones.

“Being featured on Wanelo was really great, and it’s kind of crazy how [the shoes] are up to almost 40k saves. It’s really done a lot for my store, my sales have increased, and now I have a lot of sponsorship offers from fashion bloggers and YouTubers, which is very exciting,” Tazbir said.

Tazbir doesn’t just put her designs on Converse shoes. She also takes special requests to create custom designs on different types of shoes.

“I can literally do anything with shoes, like making blinged out Nikes and Uggs. On Etsy, there is a messenger option so I can talk to the customers and design their shoes to fit what they have in mind and what kind of budget they are working with,” Tazbir said.

If you would like to purchase your own pair of customized kicks, visit her Etsy shop.