New school, new issues


Faculty prepares to conduct the board meeting. Approximately 20 parents came to hear discussion of several different issues that affect their children.

On March 3 the school board and parents gathered in the LGI room for a board meeting focused on special recognitions, budget issues and concerns and other topics that can affect the school.They rang in the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and then proceeded with recognitions, starting with Mr. Tom Clark, Social Studies, who achieved the Indiana and National Veteran Teacher Award.

“These awards are wonderful and they’re such an honor, but please keep in mind, and I know you do, that there are so many students that have stood behind me,” Mr. Clark said.

After Mr. Clark gave a heart-felt speech, Dr. Larry Veracco, Superintendent, also recognized Eve Mendoza (12), Victoria Brazzale (12), Bridget Protsman (12), Erica Chhokar (12), Joseph Sawicki (12) and Amanda Blais (12) for volunteering during an open house for parents to tour the new school, accompanied by a certificate.

“[The seniors] were willing to come out on a Sunday afternoon when a lot of other students were doing other things. They really enhanced the tours for our visitors. We loved to see the enthusiasm and energy in our students during the tour,” Dr. Veracco said.

The next order of business pertained to a possible new legislation, which would make preschool mandatory. Funding was discussed, and Indiana senators hope to get federal money to help fund it.

“A lot of what legislation has been talking about is trying to figure out how we can have preschool, because it is a good initiative, and a lot of states already have it, but not to do it on the backs of current K-12 students,” Dr. Veracco said.

Many people worry that stretching the funds the state of Indiana has in education even further to create mandatory preschool would hurt the other grades. Once the preschool voucher was brought to everyone’s attention, the ongoing investigation by the Office of Civil Rights on Lake Central was discussed by a concerned parent who erupted a whole new issue last year when she asked the school to add a freshman softball team but they declined.

“As we move forward, I ask you to approach this issue not with resentment or anger, but that you take a look at this and approach this issue with integrity,” Mrs. Alexandra Hay, mother of a freshman girl, said to the school board.