“Popping” the question


It’s that time of year–spring is right around the corner, and high school boys have to do the impossible, “pop the question.” That’s exactly what Nicholas Cain (12) from Crown Point High School did.

“I was very anxious waiting for [Samantha Gross (12)] to walk through the door. I wanted to make sure she loved what she was about to see since it took quite a bit of time and coordinating,” Cain said.

Cain is the Yearbook Editor-in-Chief at Crown Point High School and organized a prom proposal for Gross, Yearbook Editor-in-Chief at Lake Central. Contrary to popular belief, the editors of the two schools have little rivalry between their schools’ yearbook. Instead, they found love at a high school convention at Ball State University during the summer.

“We are heading toward four months being together. It was three months last February 24,” Cain said.

On the evening of March 3, Cain set up a bunch of balloons in a room called the “pub hub,” connecting the two publications rooms. Which connects room 9114 and 9115 in the freshman center of Lake Central. He had bought around 75 balloons to fill this room with and a poster that said “Sami, I have been wanting to POP the question…”

“I had to work with her sister to get all the inside information since I’m from another school. It took probably less than an hour to fully make sure the plan was foolproof. Then I just had to gather all of the supplies. $60 later, I was walking out of Party City a happy man with 100 balloons,” Cain said.

Cain wanted the ordeal to be completely unexpected and surprising. He arrived at Lake Central around 6:30 a.m. and waited for her to arrive at school so he could pop the question. Gross agreed to go to be his date to prom and was shocked, confused and excited all at the same time.

“It was the last place I would expect to see my boyfriend, so I was surprised, and really happy. I have never been to prom, so it will be a fun new experience,” Gross said.

She had no idea what was coming her way when she opened the door of room 9114.

“I thought all the balloons were for Ms. Wadycki’s birthday, so I was a little confused, but I got really excited when I saw Nick standing there with the sign. I had no idea it was coming; I just thought my sister, [Rachel Gross (10)], was just being really weird about going to tutoring,” Gross said.