Advanced English class presents King Arthur projects

Mr. Wayne Svetanoff, English, recently taught his sophomore advanced English class about the classic King Arthur tales. Svetanoff’s class presented the annual King Arthur project last week during 5th, 6th and 7th hour.

“We just read King Arthur and he wanted us to find more research about it,” Jesus Rivera(10) said.

Mr. Svetanoff’s goal was to have the students do a project on one of the stories they read about. The projects included PowerPoints, castles, shields or posters.

“The kids do research on each story and find what they like,” Mr. Svetanoff said.

Mr. Darrell Wierzal, English, and Mr. Svetanoff develop the curriculum for the advanced English class units.

“[The Legend of King Arthur] has always been a passion of mine. The idea of honor, integrity and being an outstanding person is represented by King Arthur,” Mr. Svetanoff said.