Find your flavor


Chocolate waffle straws, sour gummy worms, Reeses pieces, M&M bites and many other candies are set up in miniature bins along the left side of the checkout. These will all be added to top off the frozen yogurt snack purchased.

Shannon Hearne and Shannon Hearne

When walking in to the new frozen yogurt store, Penguin, people are immediately greeted by a wide display of yogurt machines displaying various flavors.

Cotton candy, butter pecan and brownie batter are just a few of their new and exciting flavors. They have three cup sizes available for the yogurt. The toppings are displayed along the counter right before the checkout, which include sour gummy worms, chocolate chips, cookie dough chunks and many more. When a person is preparing to purchase this one-of-a-kind creation, the cashier will place the cup on a tray and weigh it. The weight of the cup determines the cost.

After paying, relaxation spots are located around the room from high swivel chairs to short fun lounge chairs. A large television is available for viewing and music is constantly playing lightly in the background of the store. Penguin even offers free Wi-Fi. Penguin is a fabulous hangout to bring friends in the summer for a nice, refreshing, cool treat.