Environmental eruptions


Brian Rice (12) and Aaron Desalvo (12) present their volcano to the class on March 5 in Mrs. Ruiz’s 5th hour class. The class created volcanic eruptions out of a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

Jill DeGroot and lakecentralnews

On March 5 and 7, Mrs. Anne Ruiz’s, Science, fifth hour Environmental Science class got the opportunity to get their hands dirty while making vinegar and baking soda volcanic eruptions.

“[Making volcanoes] was fun, but messy,” Christopher Perez (11) said.

The class created volcano models out of plaster, paper towels and paint. The assignment was to create a volcano with an appropriate environment as the setting. After the volcanoes dried, the students researched the history of a real life volcano that they could base their own off of.

“This was the first class to do this project. When we talk about maps and plate tectonics, I realized incorporating this project would make it more realistic,” Mrs. Ruiz said.

Students were instructed to mix a concoction of vinegar and baking soda that would create the perfect eruption for their volcano. Some students even brought in food coloring in order to make their “lava” more realistic.

“[Christopher Perez] wanted to make the volcano go, ‘Boom boom.’ I just wanted to make a good impression,” Gina Daniele (12) said.

The students will continue to give their volcanic eruption presentations on March 11 during fifth hour in 9218.