Harvard graduates give tips for acceptance


Gwen Stewart and her husband Mikey Stewart talk to students about goals they can set to go to Harvard. They both graduated from Harvard University in 2006.

Amber Stedt and Amber Stedt

Wednesday, March 4, a meeting was held for any student interested in attending Harvard University. The meeting held 15 hardworking students ready to learn about ways they can achieve their goal in getting into Harvard.

“I have actually already applied and had my interview. I kind of just came by because it’s interesting to listen to some of the people that have gone to Harvard,” Brandon Kozel (12) said.

Gwen Hochman Stewart was a graduate from Lake Central in 2002. She spoke to the students about what they should be doing to get into Harvard.

“When I went to Lake Central I made the most of the opportunities by doing theater, cross-country, tennis, student council, academic decathlon and I took all the hardest classes,” Hochman Stewart said.

The students took what the speakers had to say seriously.

“I will try to be passionate about whatever activity I’m doing and try to focus on individual activities as well,” Tiffany Tao (11) said.