Overbearing senioritis

Because graduation is quickly approaching, some seniors undergo a decrease of motivation for school work — otherwise known as senioritis. Many have different reasons for their case and others might not be going through it at all.

“I think I’m so affected by senioritis because last year I took mostly senior classes. Most of my friends were seniors so it was tough to watch them all graduate and go to college. I spend most of my weekends at Purdue so I see how amazing the college experience is going to be next year,” Samantha Kowalski (12) said.

Many have been anticipating the college experience. Therefore, a very popular issue with senioritis is that, once students get accepted to college or figure out the next step, it causes them to put less effort into school.

“I just feel like I am already in college, so like, what’s the point in trying? It’s a real problem for me, “ Rolanda Curington (12) said.

Another case that has also occurred is the controversy of graduating early or staying for the rest of senior year.

“I am so far ahead in my credits that it feels like graduating early would have been a good choice. I’m glad I stayed for my senior year but senioritis is very real,” Kowalski said.

With college acceptances, scholarships or other guaranteed future plans, some think graduating at semester would have been a better decision for them.

“I wish I could’ve left at semester because I could be doing other things than going to school seven hours a day. Teachers are giving a lot of homework and I have a busy life out of school, so it stops me from doing my homework,“ Olaa Yacoub (12) said.

Amazingly, some students still haven’t caught senioritis yet.

“I haven’t gotten senioritis. I still go to school every day and always do my work, but once it starts getting nicer outside I think everyone is going to start having senioritis. After spring break everyone will know it’s getting closer to summer and it’ll be just two more months until we graduate,” Christine Valentine (12) said.