Publishing your talent

Rune posters have been put up throughout the hallway pinboards, but not many know what it is. Rune is a creative arts magazine that is used to bring out outstanding works and talents that high school students do or create.

“Many students are very creative in one way or another, and this magazine is a chance to showcase that talent for all of LC to see it. As long as the talent can be showcased in a visual manner it is something that can be submitted for inclusion into the magazine,” Mrs. Maureen Yaeger, Art, said.

Almost anything that can be recorded through print can be submitted, like artwork, photographs, poetry, short stories, videos and music lyrics. This year they are doing something different with Rune and are taking artwork to be showcased to the next level.

“We are encouraging students who have talents that can be showcased on video to send us the video and if it gets accepted we will include an image and a video link. It is an opportunity for more people to see the awesome things the Lake Central community has to share,” Mrs. Yaeger said.

The Rune committee meets to plan out the layout and cover, look at some of the submissions and organize the magazine. It is hoped to have the final draft by the second week of April which will then be sent to Mr. Jereme Rainwater, Vocational.

“We will accept up to five pieces, but will only include three at the most per any one student. The magazine will get turned into Rainwater’s Vocational Tech class to learn how to print a publication,” Yaeger said.

For each submission, forms must be filled out. Forms and drop off points are located in the library, 9113, C125 and C227. Submissions are being accepted until March 21.