One step towards spring, two steps back to winter

Noelle McBride and Noelle McBride

It seemed like the winter weather was finally coming to end when students stepped out of school to a warmer-than-usual 44 degrees Fahrenheit on Mar. 11, but it looks like Northwest Indiana has yet to see the end of the freezing temperatures. The three inches of snow received on Mar. 12 kept schools in the area from opening for the fifth time this school year.

When the talk of snow hit Lake Central, students wondered whether they would have school or not.

“Mrs. Harnish [Science] told us that we had a possible three-to-seven inches. She showed us all the weather reports from this area on NOAA [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration],” Noelle Matasovsky (11) said.

When the snow let up, it was called that all schools in the district would be on two-hour delay. The call finally came around 7 a.m. to tell students there would be no attendance and many students were eager to post on social media sites such as Twitter that school would be out for the day.

“[When there’s a two-hour delay], you don’t miss anything and if you need help, you can still ask questions. [The tweets] are really annoying, it’s everywhere. It’s like when it snows for the first time, [there are] a million of them. Like yeah, I know, get over it,” Breanna Zeller (10) said.

Students may have spent their time staying indoors or enjoying the snow while it lasts. Whether it be indoors, watching movies and catching up on homework or outdoors, building a snowman and having snowfights, students were excited to take the break from school for a day.

“When my mom woke me up and told me I had a two-hour delay, I went back to sleep and then I had to get up and move my car and my dad’s truck. I went to the gym, went home, painted some walls, and then I hung out with my boyfriend for the rest of the night,” LynNora Trosper (11) said.

The day off also left students wondering what the situation would be for making up the lost day. Since the district already has to make up the four days after Memorial Day, May 27 to May 30, students would have to return to school the following Monday as well.

“For the snow … at this time, [just doing the math] we would have to make up that day on June 2,” Mr. Robin Tobias, Principal, said.

Nothing is official, however, in regards to when students will make up the snow day.