Carrying the cup

Hannah Bryner and Hannah Bryner

The Lake Central Hockey Club participated in the Roper Cup on Feb 16. The tournament consisted of three teams: Lake Central, Munster and Crown Point. Each team played each other and the top two move on to the finals where LC won 7-0.

“When we played Munster in the prelims it created a big rivalry which carried over to the championship game,” Evan Bukowski (12) said.

The championship game ended with a 7-0 score which awarded them the title of the Roper Cup champions.

“Munster was talking a lot of smack before the game, so it was cool to beat them by as much as we did,” Jeffrey Vervlied (12) said.

Lake Central does not recognize hockey as a school sport so the boys wanted to make a statement to the school.

“We decided that we would have one person bring the cup to school and throughout the day we would hand it off to one another. We brought it to school to show people what we had accomplished because we get no recognition on LCTV or announcements,” Bukowski said.

The boys carried the 20-pound cup through the halls and to their classes to show off to the school what they had accomplished.

“When we were walking down the hallway with the Cup, people would stare and give us dirty looks. They would ask what it was and have no clue that we existed,” Vervlied said.


The boys will be playing at Nationals on March 26-30.