State of the art


The new kiln room is used to bake ceramic projects. The room can be accessed from all ceramic rooms.

Rachel Gross and lakecentralnews

The building of a new academic wing brings the building of new art facilities to the high school. Students and teachers have acclimated to the new art rooms and benefit from the updated equipment

“Everything is new and different, but [the new room] is better. As you learn about [the classroom], everything becomes like the old [room],” Morgan Shoemaker (10) said.

The fresh supplies are an asset to the new room because the students have tools to use that are clean, new and modern.

“Everything is new and clean. No one has used any of the [supplies] before so there is no old equipment,” Shoemaker said.

The new art classrooms include a state-of-the-art wheel-throwing section, facility for glazing and kiln room. However, the rooms are not completely finished yet and all equipment has not yet been installed.

“The room has the potential to be really awesome. There is so much to do, for us, that’s different than a math or an English person, because we have so many resources to set up and we have supplies that have to be accessible to them. I think [the room] is going to be really nice, [but not until] next year probably,” Mrs. Maureen Yaeger, Art, said.