AP Ceramics works on organic sculptures

Cassidy Coyle and lakecentralnews

Mrs. Christine Colle’s, Art, AP Ceramics class is working on their organic sculpture projects.

“We are doing totemic organic sculptures. Totemic meaning inspired by totems, kind of like a totem pole where they’re tall, and we’re working on organic sculptures that create movement and look good all the way around with some textures added in,” Mrs. Colle said.

Each student can be inspired by a sculpture of their choice and take it in any direction they please.

“I like more cubic designs versus a more flowy-looking one. I like more structural projects. I like doing real objects, like body parts. I think that’s cool, so I am making a bunch of boxes and will be cutting triangles in each one and hanging some sort of beads between each one. Then, I’m going to stack them on top of each other to create a totem pole-look,” McKaya Pozzi (11) said.

To start this project, Mrs. Colle gave the students some inspiration with pictures and other sculptures.

“I showed examples then had them design their own sculpture using the examples as inspiration. The challenge is to be able to understand the difference between what they want to do with the clay and what the clay can do. At this point they need to know what works with clay and what doesn’t,” Mrs. Colle said.

The AP Ceramics class will be finishing up the project these next few weeks, and some will be put on display in the cases around the school.