What’s the true meaning of St. Patrick’s Day?

Megan Barenie and lakecentralnews

March 17 is a typical day for most; however, some students take this day to dress in green and celebrate their culture. It is Saint Patrick’s day, a day created to celebrate the life of Saint Patrick.

As I walk through the hallways of LC, I see scatters of green from the students and teachers I pass by. Why does this color fill the air on this particular holiday?

“I used to think people wore green because they were afraid of getting pinched,” Danielle Soucie (11) said.

Although the rumor of being pinched still fills the air, the real reason behind wearing green stems from the shamrock. The shamrock is a religious symbol that Saint Patrick used to refer to the Holy Trinity.

“My family normally has a party the Saturday after and we have corn beef and cabbage and all that,” Rachel Jensen (11) said.

The holiday brings about much celebration along with festivals of dancing and feasts. However one chooses to spend the day, it is a special day for everyone who chooses to acknowledge it.