Imagine creativity

Nathan Bowdish and lakecentralnews

Whenever someone mentions creativity, my eyes instantly light up. The ability to express what occurs in my mind, put to paper the worlds and events that take place, brings a certain joy unparalleled to anything else this world offers. It’s as if I can see things- worlds unseen by others. If I don’t get them out, my mind might burst with the multitude of universes that build up inside. Ideas flow endlessly to where I feel more in a fictional world than reality. The characters I create are so vivid it’s as if I can speak to them.

Sometimes, however, my mind is blocked. I can’t think of what to write next. My pen grows dry, my mind blank. The events seem to simply lead to a dead end, but that’s when I listen. If I’m quiet enough, if I stop my own thoughts from shouting out the others’, the characters will tell me what to write. They will tell me what to say.

A messenger doesn’t deliver the story he wishes, he delivers the story he is told. The characters tell me what to write. I am a messenger. I can only write what they tell me. Therefore, I must develop a relationship with them and learn to communicate with them as well as with those in reality… if not better. I must listen to my own mind and let it speak to me. The words on this page were written not by me. It was written by a thought, a vision, a feeling. That’s where all actions flow from- the mind. And that’s what creativity is to me: the expression of what occurs within.