Let’s get a break

Warm weather, getting to sleep in and the thought of no school for a whole week is approaching. Spring break is the week off of school that gives students a preview of summer, and a break from all the chaos that has gone down this year with snow days and construction.

“I have a World Literature project, midterm in Government, and so much late work to make up because of all the snow days and sick days I had off,” Olaa Yacoub (12) said.

As spring break approaches, teachers and students wrap up the third quarter with tests and make-up work. When students come back to school they will start with a clean slate of grades.

“I’m so excited that the third quarter is ending that means I won’t have all the homework I have now. It will be less stressful,” Christine Valentin (12) said.

Students have many different ideas on what to do during spring break starting from going to concerts, visiting family in a different state or just hanging out with friends at home.

“I’m going to see The Neighbourhood [in concert] on Monday and then I’m having a party with a few of my close friends,” Jaide Martinez (12) said.

Although there’s not much to do during spring break, students still appreciate the whole week they get off.

“It’s[spring break] a great time to relax and take your mind off of school,” Yacoub said.