Planet Fitness attracts student body

Hannah Sonner and Hannah Sonner

Since its opening in early January, Planet Fitness on U.S. Route 41 where the old Menards was located has taken residents of the Tri-Town area by storm.

“The price is what attracted me, [being] only 10 dollars a month,” Juan Lopez (12) said.

For only $10, members get unlimited access to the club, a t-shirt and unlimited fitness training. There is also no contract involved, so members are not locked into a fixed payment if they decide to terminate their membership.

“I would recommend it if you were looking for a simple gym just to get a good workout,” Lopez said.

According to their website, Planet Fitness also has a policy of a Judgement Free Zone which states that members will not be judged by their performance in the gym. It creates a healthy, anxiety-free environment for those who are new to working out. Adding to their policy, Planet Fitness contains a Lunk Alarm, which goes off when someone is reported for grunting or making a scene while working out.

“I wanted to start working out to get healthy, and what really drew me in was the fact that their whole theme of the place is no one judges you on what level you’re at. They call it ‘no gymtimidation.’ I like that I can go at my own pace and they have a variety of workouts you can do. I would recommend it because it’s cheap, clean and a healthy environment,” Kelly Matakovic (12) said.

If you are looking for a non-intimidating place to work out, check out Planet Fitness.