Mothball Boutique represents NWI counterculture


Mothball Boutique is located at 138 N. Broad Street in Griffith, IN. The shop opened in July 2013 and is open Monday-Saturday 12 p.m.-8 p.m.

Ellie Nelson and lakecentralnews

Mothball Boutique, located at 138 S. Broad Street in downtown Griffith, offers a vintage alternative to everyday shopping.

Mothball Boutique opened in July 2013 and carries a variety of vintage products, such as clothing, accessories, shoes, vinyl records, tapes, CDs, books and more.

“[The owners and employees] feel like you can go to any record store and get the Beatles or get some mainstream music, but their punk selection or indie selection is usually four or five records, but we want to cater to a smaller counterculture, some sort of subculture of rock and roll,” Mary Serrano, owner, said.

The boutique, owned by Mary Serrano, Michael Serrano and Ashley George, caters to the “counterculture” prevalent in the area along with providing local artists of all types a place to showcase their work.

“We want to give a home to the counterculture community whether it be musicians, painters, or seamstresses, or jewelry-makers, just any sort of artist,” Mary Serrano said.

Mothball originated as a shop on, but its evolution into a physical location has enabled the owners to host various events, such as musical performances, art shows and photoshoots.

“From the start we planned not only to be a store, but to be able to host events. We have mostly bands, mostly local, some of them are touring. All of the events that we have are all ages and totally drug and alcohol-free so that way it gives people a safe place to hang out. We try and do other events that a lot of other places around here don’t offer,” Mary Serrano, owner, said.

The Mothball crew is interested in expanding their horizons especially amongst high school students.

“I would love to [host high school bands] if any get in touch with us. We have not yet [hosted high school bands], but that is definitely something we’ll look into for the future,” Mary said.

The owners are discussing holding a fashion show and open mic event exclusively for high school students near the end of May.