St. Baldrick’s Makes the Cut


Alayna Wallace

Alayna Prisby (11) looks in amazement at her first cut pig tail. Prisby raised over $3,400 for the organization.

Alayna Wallace and lakecentralnews

On March 17 the gym filled with students of various grades to support the students who were shaving and cutting their hair for St. Baldrick’s.

Funding millions of dollars in the form of grants, St. Baldrick’s collects money for further scientific research needed to eradicate childhood cancer.

Alayna Prisby (11) and Mrs. Angela Ohlenkamp, Math, were just two of the 30 who participated this year

and contributed to the success of the event either through experience or fundraising.

“I’ve been doing St. Baldrick’s for seven years,” Mrs. Ohlenkamp said.

A recurring participant of St. Baldrick’s, Mrs. Ohlenkamp began this journey through a student and continues to grow her hair out long enough to chop off two ponytails combined to over 35 inches for the cause.

“It was actually a student in my SRT [that got me involved]. His father owns The Quest and they were doing it at the Quest, and it just kinda seemed fun so we decided to bring it to the high school,” Mrs. Ohlenkamp said.

This year, Prisby raised the most money–over $3500–at Lake Central and was inspired to shave her head because of her family’s medical history.

“There’s a lot of cancer history in my family so I’ve always kind of wanted to do it, but I didn’t know how to get involved and then a little over a year ago, my aunt was diagnosed with brain cancer and so seeing what she and my family have gone through just really pushed me to really do it,” Prisby said.

Although donating all of her hair took some getting used to, Prisby is enjoying the perks of doing good.

“I’ve got strangers coming up to me like telling me how much I inspired them and how brave I am and stuff and that really is the most rewarding part for me,” Prisby said.