LC parking probs

Sophie Sablich and lakecentralnews

When one says the Lake Central parking lot is bad, they’re understating the BAD. With parking spot lines drawn by the blind, potholes appear the size of the Grand Canyon and direction arrows serve no purpose, navigating around the parking lot can be quite a difficult task.

The everlasting winter tundra dropped a load on the parking lot, making it nearly impossible to see spot numbers. Because I parked in C lot before the move, my spot got moved to the faculty area in front of the field house. We got reassigned spot numbers, but because of the continuous snow, new painted numbers have yet to be drawn. So I guess you can say my spot is inexistent?

Once students realized how conveniently close these faculty spots were to the new pool entrance, finding a spot at 7 a.m. became a brawl. It seemed that people lost their intelligence and just decided to park where their car stopped, spot in place or not. Rows? Nah, more like clusters of “I think this is good.”

Maybe even worse than finding a decent spot in the morning is trying to leave said spot in the afternoon. Because rows weren’t established, cars were free to box in their fellow neighbors. Nothing is worse than the combination of anxiety of hitting the car behind you and being stuck behind the neverending line of busses. A few times I even saw cars attempt to parallel park against the huge snow drifts in the first row.

Thankfully, administration made an effort to stop underclassmen or people without a pass from parking in this area. On March 6, violation slips were put on cars to help stop overcrowding. I’ve definitely noticed less chaos, but the parking lot will always be filled with crazy.