Foster the People releases second album

Sara Lisac and Sara Lisac

Known for their hit song from summer 2011,“Pumped up Kicks,” Foster the People has yet again released a unique album titled “Supermodel” on March 14. Originally, Foster the People was a not-so-popular band from California, but once Mark Foster’s song “Pumped up Kicks” went viral and the band released their debut album “Torches” in 2011, they captured listeners’ attention.

“Torches” received many favorable reviews and was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album. “Supermodel” aims to do the same, but with a different style than before. Portraying a song about a school shooting (“Pumped up Kicks”), “Torches” contained darker influences, while “Supermodel” has a more peppy, psychedelic feel to it.

“Supermodel”’s songs “Best Friend” and “Coming of Age” can be compared to Passion Pit’s and Vampire Weekend’s, up-beat style, rather than the relaxing, MGMT-inspired sound they tried to reach before. While the new album proves to be unusual, it still contains the familiar indie-rock vibes that Foster the People is known for.

It has been said that the mastermind behind this album, Mark Foster, wrote the lyrics of this album based off of an angry outlook on social issues. The lyrics revolve around consumerism ideology and the negative side of capitalism. Also having a deeper meaning, the title was created from the modern definition of self-esteem and how society presents themselves as supermodels, making others perceive them as someone who they are not.

Despite the aggressive lyrics, “Supermodel” has a catchy, unique tone, and it will attract music-savvy audiences who have open minds to a different sound.