How to save a life

For many students, high school is the time to figure out what to do with the future. Many students balance high school course work and jobs. Other students use high school as a time to jump right into their chosen field. Robert Korneck (12) and Justin Tancos (11), both students at St. Anthony’s EMS Academy, are doing just that.

“I joined the EMT Academy to get a head start on what I hope to be my future career as a fireman slash paramedic for some prestigious department one day,” Korneck said.

The EMT class offered by St. Anthony’s is roughly a six-month course. The class meets twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays from roughly 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., with class times varying depending on the lesson.

“[Being in high school and the EMT Academy] is kind of hard. It’s already hard enough to do my normal homework, yet alone go to a different class, have them throw homework on top of that too,” Korneck said.

Being enrolled in both high school and the EMT Academy has some challenges but is manageable, according to Korneck and Tancos.

“[It takes] a lot of dedication and hours after school [to be successful]. I think [this course] is worthwhile. You learn a lot about, but it definitely takes a lot of your time up,” Tancos said.

Students can take a similar course through the Area Career Center, which lasts the span of Lake Central’s academic school year. Students have the ability to credit toward their diploma through the Career Center. On the contrary, the EMS Academy at St. Anthony’s is a six-month program. In order to be a licensed EMT, you must be 18 by the end of the course.

“I didn’t know [the EMT course] was available through the Career Center. I just found out about that, so I just took the St. Anthony’s [course] straight through the hospital. I found out about it at a college fair. I heard that the one we do through the Career Center is the same course but twice as long. They have more study time and work time. Our class is one thing after the other,” Korneck said.

For more information about the St. Anthony’s EMS Academy, visit their website.

For more information about the Career Center, talk to your guidance counselor.