Student section packs Regional Championship

Gabriella Born and lakecentralnews

On Saturday, March 15, the Indians student section wore neon in support of the boys basketball Regional Championship game. As the final buzzer sounded, the elated neon-clad crowd stormed the court in celebration of the regional win; the first in 30 years.

The stands were packed full of Lake Central students cheering for the Indians. Usually, the student section is biggest for football games, but the Regional basketball game proved different.

“[The full student section] shows everyone at school coming together and supporting one cause. [It’s fun because] there is always a lot of energy,” Geoff Pucci (12) said..

The atmosphere of the game was intense from the beginning. Many students attended the earlier Regional game and stayed in Michigan City, where the game was held, until the 7:30 championship game began.

“We were all really excited to be there and really wanted the team to win,” Amanda Blais (12) said.

During the game, the student section cheered and chanted to hype up the Indians. Being a part of the student section makes the game more interactive for the students that are not a part of the team. It is a great way to make memories and have some fun.

“[Aside from winning the game, the most fun part was] storming the court at the end. Being there is a fun experience. How many times do you get to cheer for your team at a championship game [during high school]?” Blais said.

The boys will take on Homestead High School at Lafayette Jefferson High School on Saturday, March 22 for the Semi-State Championship.