Teacher’s pet

Veronica Davis and lakecentralnews

The average student at Lake Central might not think teacher’s kids are the luckiest out of the student body, but if anything, they get some kinds of special treatment.

“I can always go to her [Mrs. Stephanie Parks, Science] room and just hang out if my class isn’t doing anything, and she gets to know my friends better than she would otherwise,” Riley Parks (10) said.

Believe it or not, students that go to Lake Central with moms or dads that teach here are not complaining.

“Personally, I like having my mom be a teacher. If I ever need help I can always count on her. But I would have to say it is a major benefit because, one, I can always get the extra help I need, and her pushing me will only help me in the end,” Brad Loden (9) said.

Along with the many pros of having a parent as a teacher, there are also some negative aspects to someone’s parents being at their school environment as well as their home one..

“It is nearly impossible for me to do anything without her finding out. And I feel pressure not necessarily to do better than others, but to make the right decisions. For example, if I were to go to a party or something along those lines and do something stupid she would almost for sure find out,” Parks said.

Having a parents as a teacher is ultimately the best of both worlds. Struggling in school is not an issue and educationally, the benefits are endless, but just be prepared for a little less privacy than the average teenager. Remember, mom is watching.