Snow day set to be made up April 21

Jamie Zega and lakecentralnews

After long consideration in Central Office, it was determined that the Lake Central School Corporation will be making up the snow day from March 12 on Monday, April 21. Originally, April 21 was a day off after Easter; however, administrators found it more logical to push the make-up date up.

“Our central office administration received some curiosities and concerns from families and community members, as well as teachers, that we were already moving our school year into an extra week that we didn’t plan for due to snow days, and June 2 would be moving us into a second week.” Mr. Robin Tobias, Principal, said. “Since this is an extreme year, unusual with the number of snow days or the timing of them, working with the superintendent’s office and receiving feedback from the Lake Central Teachers Association it was decided that Monday, April 21 would be a reasonable, if not ideal day to host a makeup date rather than pushing the school year, with students, into June 2.”

As of now, the administration has not decided what kind of day April 21 will be. The three options would be to have back-to-back blue days, going along with the already-scheduled blue day on Tuesday, April 22. If not a blue day, it could be a white day or a “checkerboard” day, going periods 1-7.

“We’re waiting to get some feedback from our department chairs and our teachers and we will have some sort of determination as to what kind of day April 21 will be for us by the end of this week,” Mr. Tobias said.

Of course with the Indiana weather, things can always happen to extend the school year, but for now the administration is hoping that we can move on from the snow and continue the school year as planned.

“Hopefully the worst, as far as weather, is behind us, and we can start looking forward to a little more spring and nicer weather and getting the snow to melt, so I’m fingers-crossed, counting on no more snow days and we’ll be making that day up on April 21 and not have to worry about any more missed days,” Mr. Tobias said.

As of now, the finals schedule is not set, but projected to take place the last week of May.